Infineon and Synopsys Collaborate to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence in Automotive

Artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks are getting a key factor in developing safer, smart, and eco-friendly cars. So, as to support AI-driven solutions with its future automotive microcontrollers, Infineon Technologies AG has started a collaboration with Synopsys, Inc. Next-generation AURIX microcontrollers from Infineon can integrate a brand-new superior AI accelerator referred to as the Parallel Processing Unit (PPU) which will use Synopsys’ DesignWare┬« ARC┬« EV Processor IP.

AI and neural networks are basic building blocks for future machine-controlled driving applications, like object classification, target trailing, or path coming up with. moreover, they play a crucial role in optimizing several different automotive applications, serving to scale back the value of ECU systems, rising their performance, and fast time-to-market. for instance, they allow an optimized engine auto-calibration and scale back the number of sensors by manufacturing correct mathematical models of the physical reactions occurring in a very system. At constant time, however, AI applications need abundant higher computing power than normal algorithms.

By developing the PPU with Synopsys they tend to confirm that the future microcontrollers can offer the protection options, throughput, and power-efficient performance necessary to satisfy increasing AI procedure necessities. This can prepare the AURIX for data-hungry automotive applications like future gateways, domain and zone controllers, engine management, electro-mobility, and advanced driver help systems.

Already nowadays, the AURIX supports certain kinds of neural networks. However, the PPU can take its real-time and AI capabilities to a completely new level. The PPU’s performance is going to be considerably more than that of today’s accelerators, sanctioning the AURIX to method the info from advanced sensors wherever it’s presently delimited by time period constraints, for instance. The PPU can accelerate AI algorithms like continual Neural Network (RNN), Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), and Radial Basis perform (RBF).