IOC demands over removed Russian doping tests

In the information sent to the World anti-doping agency – the International Olympic Committee called this “an assault on the reputation of athletics and an infringement on the worldwide athletic community” – the “most serious penalties” are being sought by those responsible for eliminating Russian doping tests. Nevertheless, the IOC left the door open, so that Russian athletes can show they are clean, for the next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

This caused a hostile reaction by U.S. CEO Travis Tygart, who urged Wada to ban all the Russian spokespersons from the Games by 2020, having found that the Moscow lab files handed over by Russians in January were manipulated by their compliance review committee.

The punishments for the state-sponsored doping at the 2014 Sochi Olympics for Russian doping were banned from the Pyeongchang Winter Games last year, but 168 Russian athletes without a doping record were cleared of competition as neutrals.

The IOC maintains that “natural justice” requires that the perpetrators be punished, but permit smooth Russian athletes. There is also no suggestion that members of the Russian Olympic Committee have been involved in “flagrant” abuse of laboratory information from Moscow.

But the IOC was accused of being lenient to Russia by the whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov’s lawyers, who used to run the Moscow anti-doping lab before he fled the country. They thought that there appears to be a consistent strategy of frustration in the Russian Gangster State, which is playing with facts and which lies to cover its crimes.

“The Kremlin must think that this shameful stunt can be believed by the people. While Wada would congratulate Russia for revealing the latest abuse, other countries should simply take their footsteps if the IOC and the global regulatory framework on sports offers Russia another right of access.”