Is the nation moving off from Cricket?

Cricket within the Asian continent is that the hottest sport let go of the world’s hottest sport of soccer. The craze for the game is simply one thing you don’t get to visualize in different sports and in Bharat, it’s a faith and not a sport.

Amit Burman, the chairman of the Dabur cluster, is AN soul. So, why kho kho? “I see heaps of potential within the sport,” Burman, 50, told ET Sport recently. come back to consider it, kho kho will have potential, particularly within the current surroundings wherever audience’s area unit perpetually searching for contemporary content and new reasonable diversion. To faucet that potential, Burman is functioning with the Kabaddi Federation of Bharat (KKFI) to begin an expert league — final Kho Kho. He has planned to take a position Rs two hundred large integers over the subsequent 5 years. significantly, five-hundredths of that cash can visit the event of the game at the grassroots level. there’ll be eight city-based franchises and also the promoter’s area unit targeting a February-March launch. What we’re witnessing is that individual’s area unit moving to non-cricket disciplines,” Burman aforementioned. “There has been the success of the kabaddi league (Pro Kabaddi League — PKL). And like kabaddi, kho kho is AN native sport, a rural sport. folks start in kho kho a lot of prior kabaddi in and of itself. So, the concept was to place it in an exceedingly league format, build it spectator-friendly and provides it to the TV audiences.

In the nation wherever cricket may be a faith and players area unit gods can this new rise be thought-about as blasphemy among the fans??