Israel; Olympic baseball team

Throughout Israel, there are only around 1,000 children playing baseball and there is only one normal track. In 2007, the Israel Baseball League, a semi-professional league composed almost exclusively of foreign players, was founded by a group of American fans who attracted little curiosity and could give up after only a season.

The game began when Israel formed a qualifying squad for the World Baseball Classic 2013 headed by the former all-star Shawn Green, Detroit Tigers ‘ future President, Brad Ausmus. Israel took the tournament in 2017 and challenged South Korea and Taiwan to a stunning sixth place.

But this is still pitiless than the feeling of crushing South Africa in its leading European / Africa Olympic teams 11-1 in September and becoming the first team since Japan, Mexico, and South Korea, who earned Olympic gold in 2008, have now progressed with the last two vacancies to be determined in the next couple of months.

Gili Lustig, the Israel Olympic Committee’s executive director, described this as an “incredible success.” The squad was celebrated in Hebrew this week–almost nobody understood the language–voicing enthusiasm for the Olympics.

In comparison to the World Baseball Classic, the “heritage laws” of which require nations to accept only eligibles individual teams, full residents of the countries they serve must compete in the Olympic Games. The players have gone through the process of issuing marriage certificates, rabbi letters and other confirmation of their Judaism in the last few months. Five players have a great experience in the Ligue, and other players will enter the Rosters later before the matches start in July.