IWTS Yokosuka modernizes training with Stallion 3.1 upgrade

Information Warfare Training Site (IWTS) Yokosuka recently received new equipment, upgrading and modernizing its Stallion system to the newest 3.1 version.

Stallion was developed by the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NIWSC) and is used to supplement integrated cryptologic training throughout the Navy.

The 3.1 upgrade allows Sailors to train with the latest SSEE Increment-F equipment and consolidates more features into individual workstations which minimize the amount of vital shipboard space required.

Representatives from NIWSC trained Sailors from IWTS Yokosuka on the Increment-F interface, start-up and shutdown procedures. Now prepared to teach on the updated hardware, instructors from IWTS Yokosuka will better train approximately 80 Sailors from Navy commands throughout Japan annually.

The Stallion upgrade also allows students to participate in real-time afloat cryptologic operations scenarios. Ships send entire teams from their respective Ship’s Signal Exploitation Spaces (SSES) to receive group training which fosters collective growth and teamwork.

IWTC metropolis, as a part of the middle for warfare coaching, provides a time of coaching to Navy and joint service personnel that prepares them to conduct warfare across the complete spectrum of military operations.

With four edifice commands, 2 detachments, and coaching sites throughout the U.S… And Japan, CIWT is recognized as military service Education and coaching Command’s prime learning centre for the past 3 years. Coaching over 21,000 students per annum, CIWT delivers trained warfare professionals to the Navy and joint services. CIWT additionally offers quite two hundred courses for cryptanalytic technicians, intelligence specialists, data systems technicians, natural philosophy technicians, and officers within the warfare community.