JETRO Showcases 12 Japanese Start-ups at Disrupt SF 2019

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) presented innovative Japanese start-up corporations at Disrupt SF, hosted by TechCrunch, from Oct 2-4 in Canada. The Japan Innovation Showcase, organized by JETRO, is going to be settled at Moscone Center North, Ballroom F.

Representatives from the start-ups can demonstrate their products and services throughout the technology conference. Exhibitors include:

Stroly: Stroly is an internet platform for maps connected with location information. Anyone will transfer and add their own maps, or realize maps created by others close to their current location.

Mui Labs: Mui Labs develops design-focused home technology with stunning wooden materials. Their product features intuitive technology to observe temperature, lighting, voicemails, and more.

Aeronext: Aeronext created the gravity management technology 4D GRAVITY® to enhance the steadiness of drones and increase their potency and productivity.

Kotozna: Kotozna created an online app that gives auto-translated, remote, and period text and voice-to-text electronic messaging for organizations to speak across language barriers.

Concierge U: Concierge U is an informal SaaS company that developed the chat program “Kuzen” to cut back operational and onboarding prices for businesses.

Medmain: Medmain strives to resolve the world shortage of pathologists. They are taking effort by introducing “PidPort,” an AI-driven marketplace for pathological image diagnoses.

MeeCap: MeeCap develops and processes a mining software system that analyses huge workplace information using AI. Their software system visualizes people’s work by logging computer operations and business processes.

Bell style: Bell style creates powerful hardware elements for high-end computers, as well as the PowerSpot POL converter.

JETRO provides support and helps American corporations getting into the Japanese market and to Japanese corporations expanding overseas.