Jotun’s HullSkater to provide groundbreaking solutions for hull care system

Norwegian chemicals company- the Jotun Group has announced a new algorithm and big data-based system known as the Hull Skating Solutions (HSS)- HullSkater, for advanced monitoring services across the shipping industry.

The latest HSS is an advanced antifouling, hull cleaning, proactive condition monitoring which also offers technical services and service level guarantees.

In its statement, the company revealed the latest digital set-up will help in providing tailored condition monitoring services and will also help in proposing cleaning schedules.

The HullSkater is attached to the ship’s hull owning to the force of its magnetic wheels. These are equipped with electric motors for steering and propulsion. Furthermore, the system is installed with cameras and other sensors which presents the operator with data for navigation and also the condition of fouling on the hull.

In addition, the system is connected to the operator’s control unit through an umbilical and helps in operating remotely on vessels across the world with 4G.

One of the highlight features of the HSS technology is the application of the first robotic technology which is especially designed for proactive cleaning. With its combination of SeaQuantum Skate antifouling and a set of services, HSS will help ship operators to take care of early stages hull fouling. This will further also minimize fuel costs, emissions and the spread of invasive species.

“If all ships in challenging operations converted to HSS, this would result in a carbon dioxide emissions reduction of at least 40m tonnes per year,” the company stated.

The company reveals a motorized brush cleans the hull without affecting the coating. The process typically takes two to eight hours on the basis of the size and condition of the hull.

Jotun suggested the system is recruiting selected owners for piloting the HSS, the “game-changing solution”.

In the wake of the latest announcement, Geir Axel Oftedahl, Jotun’s business development director, commented: “We believe this is a landmark development for shipowners worldwide. Vessels are often faced with unpredictable operations, with erratic idling periods and varied operational profiles that make the selection of antifouling problematic, even for the best coatings. Once fouling grows, the impacts are immediate and damaging, with poor hull and propeller performance accounting for around one tenth of the world fleet’s energy consumption…”