Malaysia to tighten cybersecurity as it moves towards digitization

The online identity of users is protected by digital security. Criminals are finding new ways for their own personal gain to function and steal information from online users. Digital security is a broad term that includes the tools that you can use to protect your online and mobile environment identity, property, and technology.

In Malaysia, in addition to developing technology, apps, company systems, and opportunities to create a digital society, the government’s efforts to steer the country towards a digital economy, as stated in Budget 2020, will prioritize digital security.

CyberSecurity Malaysia Executive Director-General Datuk Dr. Amirudin Abd Wahab said that confidence and trust are two key elements that would guarantee the acceptance of technology by customers.

He said that since everything is interconnected, all stakeholders- governments, individuals and companies will be unprotected by the threat that cyber-attacks pose. Moreover, adding that cybersecurity was something that both the industry as well as individual users needed.

“We at CyberSecurity are developing the National Cyber Ethics Initiative together with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia to instill noble values, good conduct, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility among digital technology users,” he added.

He said cybersecurity needs to be taken into account when drawing up the framework for electronic bank licensing to be released by the end of this year by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

He said the idea of Digital Social Responsibility (DSR) was in line with efforts to improve government-private partnerships.