Mass scale observation of CO2 emissions to begin soon

Carbon dioxide is one of the largest reasons for the accelerated climate change that is being observed in the world and the effects it has imparted onto the planet have made it incredibly hard to survive given the changing weather cycles, and the incessant divulge in the atmospheric behavior with pollution levels rising and the sea levels accompanying the stance on the back of global warming which is increasing the temperature of the earth at an astonishing rate. These are all man-made changes as only we and nobody else is responsible for the rampant cutting of forests and destabilizing the balance prevalent in nature for the oxygen cycles to continue in peace and with the water table cycle hitting it’s low as a lot of cities across the world face the scenario of acute water shortage as the freshwater availability has gone down and the groundwater has dried up on order to cater the deficits brought in by lowering of the rainfall and excessive abuse of agriculture in order to meet the global demand-supply regime. The European Union has pledged to overcome this fault by keeping a keen eye on the global carbon dioxide emissions that are hampering the climatic conditions of the world, and this will appropriately guide the countries and the regions across the globe into a better, more sustainable solution through advanced oversight and commitment to make carbon neutrality a real possibility with progressive technology and time. The Copernicus observatory which is the bloc’s definitive scientific research and analysis observatory has been tasked to monitor the carbon concentration in the earth’s atmosphere pertaining to different regions in the world to make a Sustainable Development chart for the same as to how countries can minimize their carbon production and lead the way into a greener and a safer planet that doesn’t demand adaptability on every step for it’s survival at least to humans and their prodigal child in technology.