Mayo Clinic declares the inauguration of the first-ever hospital outside the premises of the United States.

Quoting common ideas and values, Mayo Clinic declared on Sunday the inauguration of its first hospital outside the premises of the United States, a joint venture with Abu Dhabi Health Services organization (SEHA) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The hospital will be named Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC).

Just like the Mayo Clinic situated in Rochester, SSMC is envisioned to develop into a local spot for patients who need treatment for severe and complicated situations. The declaration is considered as the initial step of the Hospital’s evolving long-term plan of digital and global growth under the new Chief Executive Officer, Gianrico Farrugia.

This is a joint venture and an exclusive enterprise in the area, with Mayo Clinic surgeons, nurses, managers and other employees functioning along with associates from SEHA, stated Farrugia in an announcement.

741 beds were available in the hospital at the beginning of this month, after 2 years of manufacturing under a referring procedure with Mayo. As Mayo currently signed an agreement for a joint venture with Oxford University Clinic in London and shares the skills and capabilities worldwide, the Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) venture signifies a worldwide brand growth and extension for Mayo on a level never tried before.

The facilities that the hospital will provide includes, 160 beds for serious patients, 162 exam rooms, 18 operational rooms and space for nurturing and child wellbeing. It is expected to give jobs to more than 2,000 nurses and 440 surgeons at the beginning of its slow and steady 10-year strategy to enlarge specialty facilities provided by the clinic. Mayo expects to hire the hospital staff regionally within the United Arab Emirates, a period in which value was added with a few Mayo employees from the United States.