Media rights and sponsorship agency signed-up by Tug of War International Federation

Protocol Sports Marketing has been named as its global media rights and support agency by the Together of War Federation (TWIF).

Towards “increased commercial appeal” of TWIF, both sides have agreed to work together. This means it is a step towards “goal achieved”. A vey good sign.

The Canadian Protocol aims to develop the sport in the new and current markets, together with the sale of media rights and supporting property.

The Together of War Federation (TWIF) has named Protocol Sports Marketing as its global media and support agency. This agency Protocol Sports Marketing is a reputable and well known global media and support agency which is a very good and understandable choice for The Together of War Federation (TWIF).

In the interests of Together of War Federation (TWIF), all parties agree to work together in the context of “the business appeals.”

In tandem with selling media rights and property, the Canadian Agreement seeks to grow the sports on new and current markets.

This is part of the World Games initiative and is now becoming increasingly popular with mixed-gender events.

“Our team has shown an adept ability at crafting narratives to attract commercial interest to niche and emerging sports,” said Protocol Sports Marketing President Lowell Conn. Very positive feedback.

“We regard the tug of war as a classic sport that exemplifies grit and determination.

It is a sport that everybody knows and is excited to see being played at this level throughout the world.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Together of War Federation (TWIF) to make tug of war a sport that everybody watches.”

These quotes show very positive feedback and very encouraging feedback towards this whole game.

We see people getting excited to see it.