MEPs vote for universal charger for smartphones

All the latest android phones use C type cables for charging the devices while the Apple iPhones continue to use their exclusive lightning port. The European Member of Parliament want all the smartphone/ cell phone making companies to adopt the same type of chargers in order to reduce electronic waste and hence going forward they have voted in favor of a single use charger.

The resolution was passed with 582 votes in favour to 40 against of the same. Member of European Parliament will now request the European Commission (EC) to adopt the new rules. European politicians are campaigning for the use of a single charging port since the past decade.

At present Apple gives facility of USB-A type charging cables for their lightening port, whereas all the other mobile phone companies have either provision for Type B or Type-C. Apple sells charging cables that has a USB-C connector at one end and a lightning one at the other, so it becomes practically possible to switch its adapters to a new technology as and when required.

For that matter, its top-end smartphones like iPhone 11 Pro Max comes along with a USB-C power adapter. Moreover, the MEPs have said that they want the European Commission to make sure that the different variants of charger are interoperable with other devices.