New VR Reality In Singapore Through IMDA

Technology is a very strong topic to discuss especially in our 21st century. With millions of researchers working all over the world to release the newest technology and development; countries are in a war of being more developed. However, Asia has always and will always be well developed in terms of technology. One of the countries in Asia that stands out is Singapore which daily release new technology products that might change the earth.

However, recently Singapore has announced the release of their newest tech driven platform which is a Digital platform created from Virtual Reality. According to the news, SG:Digital Wonderland 2019, organized by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), will be held soon which provides a once in a lifetime experience.

According to personnel with the company, this event will help people live the life they always wanted. Starting from waking up with a good cup of coffee, right to slaying zombies in another world. This fair will hold many different experiences that will allow visitors to take part in which ever field or reality they are looking forward too.

One of the experiences presented is a Discover Zone’s Cyber Security Investigation Room, where visitors will meet with celebrities as interns in the company. This will be the chance for different enthusiasts to fight off cyber security attacks; living their Mr. Robot dream. Furthermore, more experiences will be presented and held in the event with the use of AI to help provide lessons on safeguard sessions.