Newest Updates In Chemicals Regulations

Taiwan is the leading country in the world in terms of chemicals trade and manufacturing. This has played a very important role in their current economy stance as it is the number one source of exports for the country. With the huge involvement of the field in their governments concerns, the government has recently decided to increase the rules and regulations to enhance the field.

This was been introduced through a new type of law released by the government which goes by the name of the Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act. This new law has been enforced lately in the chemical industry in Taiwan which limits manufacturers to certain guidelines that will ensure the quality of the products and the safety behind this dangerous industry.

These different rules introduced will also increase the range of materials being produced which allows for expansions. The main major points that were included in the new regulations include the list of chemicals that are of great concern in terms of safety. Details were released on the need for manufacturers to provide hazard prevention plans and documents for their industry. More regulations were set on a new reporting system which will help track and control the overall chemicals industry.

Furthermore, the government will force new feed to be paid in order to ensure chemical management, especially for manufacturers who are producing toxic chemicals. These rules are set to be implemented in a range of one year from being released.