Oilfield chemicals how essential are they to UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a petroleum-based middle eastern nation and the demand for specialty oilfield chemicals in the nation is high more than ever as the demand for petroleum has skyrocketed with the attacks on the oil-rich regions of Saudi Arabia disrupting the global supply chains.

The nation has always had a high demand for specialty chemicals with innovators and startups setting up camps in lieu of favorable policies. The global specialty chemicals market is a huge one and was recorded to be a jaw-dropping 980 billion USD industry by the end of the year 2016. These particular chemicals are essential to industries and rely hugely on them for their safe and proper operations. As UAE is a petroleum-based economy and requires oilfield specialty chemicals which it uses in drilling fluids for the petroleum extracting plants, cementing of oil and natural gas wells, Completion and stimulation of the chemical processes involved in giving out a good finished product. Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals (EOR) are used to optimize the extraction process of petroleum products in crude oil and sometimes these are also used to further optimize the by-products resulting from the fractional distillation process.

The supply of these specialty chemicals is a crucial chain to help the petroleum industry run smoothly any slight disruptions could cause some serious altercations on the economy of the nation through the petroleum. UAE mostly imports these chemicals and should really think of having development plants for these in their own nation.