Looptworks: Process of upcycling turns ‘waste’ jerseys into coveted merchandise

Former Adidas Head- Scott Hamlin has taken an innovative approach into recycling and producing sustainable products. For his extraordinary take on upcycling, Hamlin buys unwanted jerseys from professional sports team and transforms them into merchandise ready for purchase. The process of turning a jersey into another product typically takes 2-3 weeks. While speaking about his

San Diego based research on wearable tech capable of making users invisible to heat sensors

Team of researchers at University of California, San Diego have invented a wearable technology which will help users to hide from heat-detecting sensors such as night vision goggles. According to reports the latest invention will work even if the ambient temperature changes- this is one of the innovative features which supersedes current technology. Furthermore, the

Gerber launches first single material recyclable pouch

Baby food purveyor- Gerber Products Company has announced the first of its kind single-material pouch in order to endorse recycling. The latest announcement follows the company’s goal of making packaging 100 percent reusable and recyclable by 2025. Gerber’s recent venture is undertaken in partnership with Gualapack, the baby food pouch which is made from polypropylene.

Suki raises $20 million for virtual assistant to eliminate physician burnout

Founded in 2016, AI Software Company- Suki has worked extensively on easing the administrative burden from doctors. In a recent venture, the company has announced a Series B funding of $20 million for a novel virtual assistant app. The AI-powered digital assistant will help in eliminating administrative work from clinicians, this includes maintaining medical charting

Recycling body underlines significance of imported products meeting EU Chemical legislation

Based on a latest investigation carried out by recycling association- Euric, imported products manufactured outside the EU are not compliant with the bloc’s chemical legislation. This has hindered Europe’s circular economy ambitions. The imported articles into the EU include primary or recycled materials which do not adhere to the EU chemical regulations such as REACH

Padded helmets, safe tackling to minimize the head injuries in youth football

Latest study published by a team of researchers at Rutgers determines that middle school football players could avoid head injuries from padded helmets, and by using safe tackling and blocking techniques. Expert studies have linked head injuries caused by football and other sports to cognitive problems such as depression, dementia and a degenerative brain disease-

Researchers discover new method to make tougher adhesives

Team of researchers from Purdue University have developed an advanced adhesive technology, in order to make adhesives for construction, vehicles and electronics tougher than usual. According to Jonathan Wilker, a Purdue professor of chemistry and materials engineering, the team drew inspiration from sea creatures to develop several new adhesives. Wilker added that one way to