Biotech Field In Saudi Arabia Expanding

The pharmaceutical market is completely connected to the biotech industry. This is why it is normal to observe countries investing in both sectors in parallel as they complement each other. In hopes and demands to find an alternative to the economy income rather than oil in Saudi Arabia, the government has recently been invested in

Aftermath of The FCFC Explosion

Taiwan has always been one of the leading countries in the world in chemicals harnessing and production. The main source of income from exports in Taiwan is the chemicals trading. This is because of the high number of chemicals available in the country in their natural resources. This has inspired many companies in the country

Aldar Properties Shows Great Results

United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed and high tech countries in the world. This is due to the high number of investments being placed in the area and the strong governmental body provided. However, the most of the technologies and developments are more visible in Dubai which is the most commercial city