Tesco Bank bought over by Lloyds.

In a face-off with rivals, Lloyds Banking Group has had a hard fight to finally snap up Tesco Bank’s mortgage business for approximately ₤3.8 Billion. Because of this deal, more than 23,000 residential mortgage customers will transfer to Lloyds-owned business Halifax, cementing its title as Britain’s biggest money lender. The sale of the portfolio is

What Brexit could mean for consumer goods.

The recent Brexit talks have raised concerns for consumer goods as these are regular items bought by consumers and a continuous supply is necessary. The number of macro-economic symptoms affecting FMCG companies is huge. Some of the more evident changes in the industry is the moving of the company’s headquarters from the U.K. to other

Innovations in FinTech are revolutionizing the world

As the world progresses towards a more digitized future the economics and the finances of the world are changing in order to accommodate the ever-growing demands of the sector to support new banking and finances. Using innovation to make exchanges more efficient, secure and convenient, fin-tech or financial technology sits advantageously at the intersection of