Property Industry Still Being Shaped

Properties and real estate is the only two markets or products that are constantly on a rise in numbers. These markets can rarely lose value due to the constant increase in population and the need for homes. This is why it is important to have these markets held and controlled efficiently to ensure strong infrastructures.

This market lately in United Arab Emirates has failed to meet some certain standards. Ever since the financial problem that occurred back in 2014 and the overall property market is moving in weird directions. The market has lately been plummeting by over 30%. These changes are occurring due to the changes in the oil prices and the overall need and demand for more properties and housings in certain areas.

However, the government has been working hard to add more financial rules and regulations to the market to help handle its problem significantly. According to experts in the field these values will balance itself and stabilize by 2021 as a maximum timeline. It is recommended for investors to focus on other areas to invest in, until the real estate market gets back to normal or is consistent.

The government is trying to increase the demand for oil which in turn creates a change in the economy that will affect the property market effectively. With the need for high demands for housing, the government is adding more visa options and other programs that can ensure investors and foreigners to stay longer in the country.