Railway authorities boosting security amidst the upcoming travel rush

A safety knowledge, to ensure a complete safety travel for the Spring Festival, was introduced to passengers by the Tianjin railway police yesterday.

A security campaign has been launched by the public security authorities of the Chinese railway. The purpose of the campaign is to make sure no kind of accidents occurs during the travel rush for the upcoming holidays of the Spring Festival.

A security control will be set up by the security authorities at Railway, aiming to take severe actions against theft, fraud, robbery and other crimes concerning the sale of the tickets. A strict punishment will be imposed on those breaking the law and against any illegal behavior shown during traveling.

Safety inspections and general patrols were intensified along the railway tracks, by the railway police, which collaborated with the railway authorities and other relevant departments, during the nationwide campaign.

The high-speed rail network was given the top priority in ensuring security measures.

Texts, pictures, and videos were recorded to avoid and correct risks concerning safety such as illegal building sites near railways lines, and storing toxic products. The travel rush for this year’s festival is expected to last for forty days, starting from Friday and ending on 18th February 2019. It is highly expected that there will be an 8 percent increase in railway passenger trips, equal to around 440 million, as compared to last year.

The Spring Festival will start on the 25th of January and run till the 31st of January, 2019. The festival is a celebration of the beginning of Chinese New Year according to the traditional Chinese calendar. It is a Chinese tradition for families to be reunited at the Spring Festival and thus the week-long public holiday will be thoroughly enjoyed by the people in the country as it is one of the few holidays that let the Chinese people take some time off their work.