Resident Director of Elo Life Systems Inc. received the BIO Leadership and Legacy Award in Industrial Biotech & Agriculture

An exclusively owned subsidiary of Precision BioSciences Inc., Elo Life Systems Inc. made an announcement today that Mario G. Pennisi who is the Resident Director of Elo’s Australian subsidiary situated in Australia received the BIO Leadership and Legacy Award in Industrial Biotech & Agriculture. Mister Pennisi was privileged with this award during the BIO World Congress, which took place from 8th July to 11th, 2019 in Iowa. This award is presented to those individuals who have shown model leadership & dedicated a noteworthy portion of their career to towards advancement in industrial biotechnology & growing the bio-based economy.

Mario Pennisi has an extensive 30 years of experience in managing & growing commercial operations in the life sciences industry. He is a member of numerous advisory groups and committees, inclusive of the Biomedical Sciences Faculty Board, University of Queensland Medicine, Molecular Biosciences Industry Advisory Board, and Schools of Chemistry. He is a member appointed by government at the QUT Council, the Chairman of Griffith University’s Clinical Trials Advisory Committee, as well as, member of the Queensland Government Bio futures Industry Advisory Group.

The Chief Executive Officer at Elo Life Systems, Doctor Fayaz Khazi stated that we are highly proud of Mario, and this respected honor is a testament to his contributions to biotech and a firm commitment to enhancing the health & wellness of the planet and its people. Mario is an exceptional talent in this field and we are looking forward to continuing to advance our firm under his leadership.

Pennisi stated that he is both humbled, as well as, honored to receive the BIO Leadership and Legacy Award in Biotech and Agriculture. I have dedicated my entire career to helping to enhance human health through agriculture, however, great challenges remain. I look forward to our continued work toward meeting the demand for novel, efficient food production systems.