Return of the Wonderful World of Whimsy

English essayist Julian Barnes once stated, “Recollections of adolescence were the fantasies that remained with you after you woke.” In this way, welcome back The Wonderful World of Whimsy, the vintage indoor carnival brand that has come back to Hong Kong following 20 years. It’s a name that brings out brilliant recollections among a significant number of us who experienced childhood in this city. Who can overlook the amusement carts, little prepares and the Pierrot jokester that we appreciated such a great amount in our youth and high school days!

What’s more, obviously the stunning breakdown in the late 90s when all of a sudden we discovered that every one of our coupons of the indoor diversion chain got futile in one single day? To numerous individuals, the exit of The Wonderful World of Whimsy, which implies Joyful Place in Chinese, meant the finish of the upbeat days in Hong Kong after its arrival to China. Fiercely famous during the 1980s and 1990s, the indoor amusement brand was propelled by Japanese business visionary Kazuo Wada, who established the retail chain Yaohan. The Wonderful World of Whimsy spoke to Wada’s most forceful abroad extension, taking the business to China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, and even Guam and the United States. In its prime, Whimsy worked 25 outlets in Hong Kong, for the most part, situated by Yaohan retail establishments. The business was in the long run recorded in April 1995. Tragically the great occasions didn’t keep going long. Wada looked into going chapter 11 after the Asian budgetary emergency in 1997 and the indoor diversion fasten started to slow down until the last shop hauled out in 1999. During the brilliant 90s, the amusement decisions were fairly restricted if you consider the alternatives that the present youth have, with contraptions, for example, Xboxes and iPhones and different online stages.

Individuals visited indoor scenes for no particular reason that frequently included gathering movement. On the off chance that there was any genuine challenge, it originated from karaoke outlets, which are presently additionally to a great extent a relic of past times. For those among us feeling nostalgic about the past days, there is uplifting news. Another financial specialist has taken the old indoor play area brand back to the city, propelling an outlet at the EMax strip mall in Kowloon Bay. Following a delicate dispatch in September, the Whimsy office is set to be authoritatively opened on Christmas day.