Robot priests can bless you, advise you, and even perform your funeral

A new priest named Mindar is holding forth at Kodaiji, a 400-year-old Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan. Like alternative priesthood members, this priest will deliver sermons and move around to interface with worshippers. However, Mindar comes with some uncommon traits. A body made from atomic number 13 and polymer, for starters. Mindar could be a mechanism.

Designed to seem like Kannon, the Buddhist god of mercy, the $1 million machine is a shot to ignite people’s passion for his or her religion in a very country wherever spiritual affiliation is on the decline.

For now, Mindar isn’t AI-powered. It simply recites constant pre-programmed sermon concerning the guts Sanskrit literature over and over. However, the robot’s creators say they conceive to provides it machine-learning capabilities that’ll change it to tailor feedback to worshippers’ specific religious and moral issues.

Robots area unit dynamic alternative religions, too. In 2017, Indians extended a mechanism that performs the Hindu aarti ritual, which involves moving a lightweight spherical and spherical before of a god. that very same year, in honor of the Protestant Reformation’s five hundredth day, Germany’s church created a mechanism referred to as BlessU-2. It gave pre-programmed blessings to over ten,000 people.

As additional spiritual communities begin to include AI in some cases, AI-powered and in others, not it stands to vary however folk’s expertise religion. it should additionally alter however we tend to interact in moral reasoning and decision-making, which could be a massive a part of faith.

Japanese worshippers World Health Organization visit Mindar area unit reportedly not too discomposed by questions about the risks of siliconizing spirituality. that creates sense as long as robot’s area unit already therefore commonplace within the country, as well as within the spiritual domain.

At the temple in Kyoto, Gotu place it like this: “Buddhism isn’t a belief in a very God; it’s following Buddha’s path. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s diagrammatical by a machine, a bit of trash, or a tree.”