Robots now booms the agriculture industry

Technology is advancing and reaching out to every sector. The agricultural sector has been mostly a mechanical job and now a new ray of hope arises for it as technological innovations are bringing about advancements to it as well.

A robot is being developed by Dalhousie University located at Truro N.S. that will help to detect crop diseases and crop health.

Agriculture is an important sector as it caters to the global population’s food supply. The key issue that it faces deals with increasing the crop yield so that it satisfies the food need of the growing population worldwide.

However, from the agriculture point of view, it is not the only problem that farmers face. Onset of any crop disease or infection destroys the entire yield. Not only it is a huge financial loss but also waste of resources, time, energy and efforts. Thus, its early detection is important so that it is treated timely to avoid any loss.

These agricultural automated robots developed by Dalhousie University will help to check for crop diseases. Robot will be enabled with image processing device that can map the entire field and will provide real time data i.e. it will instantly detect any disease or infection so that the treatment in terms of application of fungicide or pesticide can be taken immediately and further damage can be prevented. The existing robots for this purpose takes a week time to provide the results and at times during that period the crop can even be destroyed by the pest or disease.

A proto type of the robot will be developed which could be fitted in drone and can perform the function. It will be useful for small and medium sized farms. It would be made cost effective so that majority of farmers can use it.