Simla Agreement and Kashmir Issue – Confusion Cleared

Yesterday, Raja Zafarul Haq, the opposition leader in the senate mentioned that it is wrongly believed that the United Nation’s responsibility for resolving the problem of Kashmir was not a part of Simla Agreement that was employed with Pakistan and India.

The opposition party complained about the absence of Ali Amin Gandapur, the Minister of Kashmir Affairs, while an important issue over Indian administered Kashmir’s inhumane curfew and the lockdown was being discussed. However, Raja Zafarul Haq’s comments came before the complaints.

On 2nd of July, 1972 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto signed the Simla Agreement with India which clearly mentioned that the issue of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir region will be taken to UN court for a solution like previously decided. It never mentioned the exclusion of this clause. Similarly, the Lahore Declaration signed on 21st February 1999 also talked regarding this issue and the United Nations’ role in it.  Explained the opposing leader on 5th August when this topic of forceful occupation was initiated.

It was said by the expert politician that because of internal politics, it is a confusion around the globe and even among the residents of Kashmir whether Kashmir issue was omitted while signing Simla Agreement and Lahore Declaration.

He also brought attention to the fact that the United Nations Security Council had already passed around 19 resolutions on the problem of Kashmir and, under no circumstances, these resolutions must be ignored as if they are not important. According to the United Nations charter, any mutual agreement like the Simla Agreement would change the United Nation resolutions. Therefore, they must stand their arguments on these resolutions. He pointed out that the recent doings of the Indian Government are clear defilement of the UN Charter and the resolutions.

He emphasized that despite the ongoing human right violation for the 100th day in Kashmir and despite the public cry, the Indian government has given no positive response.