Smartphone companies coming together to create an ecosystem for IoT development

Cloud-based retail and cloud-based services have been the garden for tech companies to mow and fill in their pockets with lush green currency and that has been the story with the development of cloud services and internet of things into an everyday necessity driving the customer dependency on it which has resulted in historic and record sales for them. Nokia has been at the helm of mobile phone manufacturing and has been instrumental in shaping the way people look, realize, and treat their mobile phones and has set up the basic parenthesis for the development of mobiles and the new age smartphones. Microsoft after an unsuccessful bid to overtake Nokia previously has been interested and is coming together with Nokia for the development of cloud services along with Artificial intelligence and internet of things to incubate and develop the next line of succession for these technologies and ensure that they stay at the top of things to mow the grass before anyone else has the chance.

Nokia’s expertise in mission-critical networking has been fairly established at the world stage, and that department combined with the technological prowess of its networking system and development of 5G communication systems is collaborating with the cloud services division of Microsoft to garner and cater the interests and necessities of communication service providers (CSP) and to transform their business into a more manageable and profitable affair form the look of things.

The transformation and acceleration in this field will also help other small supporting aspects for these businesses, which will gain from the CSP’s, and later the trickle-down effect could be observed with the power of technology increasing day by day.