Some of the best inventions for good at this week’s U.S. desert city market show in 2020

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, frequently described as a glimpse into the future, parades numerous cutting-edge inventions and wild devices on the larger-than-life Las Vegas strip.

Among the giant TVs and cute robots that attract huge crowds to the mega conference–now in its 10th year–is also showcasing technology that aims to solve social or environmental problems.

From clever farming to fake meat, here are some of the best inventions for good at this week’s U.S. desert city market show in 2020.

AcquaTap, Exaeris Water Innovations

Tulsa-based Exaeris demonstrated its solar-powered AcquaTap system that extracts from the atmosphere up to five gallons of safe, drinkable water a day, enabling it to produce water anywhere, even in drought and disaster.

Thank you My Farmer, Farmer Connect and IBM Swiss Farmer Connect community and software giant IBM have launched a mobile app using blockchain technology so that coffee drinkers can trace their beans and help the smallholders that developed them.

Impossible Sausage and Pork, Impossible Foods.

U.S .- false meat startup Impossible Foods unveiled soy sausages and other pork substitute products with the aim of curbing environmental and animal welfare concerns that encompass the global meat sector.

AgriTalk Tech

In an effort to make agriculture more sustainable, the AI sensor and monitoring devices from AgriTalk Tech in Taiwan collect data in real time – from soil temperature to atmospheric pressure – to help farmers.

Atmos Faceware, Ao Air

With rising air pollution, Brooklyn-based startup Ao Air has developed a transparent face mask whose battery-powered fans bring clean, pollutant-free air to the wearer.

Fisker Ocean, Fisker

As sales of sports utility vehicles rising, Fisker, an electric car company based in LA, unveiled the Ocean, an electric version with a solar panel on the roof and vegan interior.

Photo protection, D-ID

Amid privacy and security concerns over facial recognition software, Israeli tech firm D-ID has demonstrated a tool that tweaks photos, hindering computer algorithms from being recognized.