Starbucks Japan is selling pens with built-in NFC wallets

Starbucks is launching a hardware product in Japan this month, and it’s a pen. Not a stylus or something a pen in reality, with “coffee brown” gel ink, a java machine-inspired style, and also the inbuilt ability to pay for things at Starbucks.

Starbucks Touch: The Pen, for that is its name, contains an NFC reader that’s coupled to a digital wallet. It works with FeliCa technology, which is present in Japan and powers Starbucks’ fashionable domestic card system. Not altogether certain how this is better than using mobile payments, but if one would like to go away your phone reception and acquire all the way down to Starbucks for a hardcore study session, this might be helpful.

This is the fourth product within the Starbucks bit line in Japan, that has conjointly enclosed a phone case and a flask. last, Starbucks launched a small NFC-equipped purse known as “The Hug” that was solely accessible by lottery for a couple of days in July.

The pen ought to be a touch a lot of simply accessible, as Starbucks is golf shot it on sale in its on-line store next weekday. There are unit 3 colours black, silver, and white and that they are priced at 4,000 yen (~$37), together with 1,000 yen pre-loaded.