Strata Empowering Emirati women

Strata Manufacturing celebrates Emirati Women’s Day by spotlighting the vital role played by three different Emirati women in the company. Those leading icons are also the representatives of almost 90% female population in a manufacturing facility

Ismail Ali Abdulla, CEO Strata Manufacturing stated “a vital step that leads us towards success is hiring skilled Emirati workforce and empowering them irrespective of the gender. We intend to further our efforts to create the next generation of female Emirati leaders”

In the production department, 21/34 team leaders are Emirati women who maintain check and balance by managing the diversity in a team

In celebration of the success, Strata’s leading Emirati women have shared their stories to motivate the next generation of UAE women to follow their passion

One such example is Hessa, an IT Analyst who was appointed as a program administrator but with her passion got promoted as a project lead last year. She mentioned “I am honored to be working in strata where every woman is special in regard to her abilities which I believe is a motivating force for other women to join the company. I’ve proposed a lot of ideas which gained recognition from the senior staff. I believe gender barriers should never come in the way of success for anyone. To create a difference in UAE Emirati women should never confine their skills”

Another talented woman Nourawho joined strata 2 years ago says “ It makes me very happy to see so many more Emirati women working here. I have got to learn a lot by being a part of this company”

Ameera who joined strata in 2013 as a legal coordinator mentioned “with a vast women employee force, strata proves that women alone can gain success in the manufacturing industry”