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Fake Facebook face: Social network blocks hundreds of pro-Trump profiles with ‘ AI-generated profile pictures ‘ and charges Epoch Times with developing the movement

Facebook has removed hundreds of fake accounts with Artificial Intelligence-generated profile pictures, accusing Epoch Media Group of running the campaign to spread messages that support President Donald Trump. On Friday, Facebook said it had removed 610 accounts, 89 Facebook pages, 156 groups, and 72 Instagram accounts from Vietnam and the United States. It is suspected

Since AI is making literary leaps, we need the rules to catch up

Last February, OpenAI, a computerized reasoning exploration gathering situated in San Francisco, reported that it has been preparing an AI language model called GPT-2, and that it presently produces rational passages of content, accomplishes cutting edge execution on numerous language-displaying benchmarks, and performs simple understanding cognizance, machine interpretation, question replying, and summarisation – all without

Facebook is supporting small scale businesses to grow

Facebook is supporting a lot of new companies and little and medium organizations to tap their advancements and be a piece of their quick development by giving tutoring and innovation to enable them to scale. These incorporate organizations, for example, companies manufacturing customer equipment, bistro chains, utilized vehicle retailers, travel trade firms, and female wellbeing