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The wellness wearables pioneer could help the search goliath close the hole to equipment rivals Samsung, Apple. Google’s securing of wearable pioneer Fitbit might be an intense dive into wellbeing and wellness innovation. But at the same time, it’s simply the most recent advance in the web goliath’s often halting exertion to turn into power

Why Google’s Fitbit deal could break its legacy of hardware failures

Google has truly thrashed in its equipment acquisitions and item guides, from HTC to Motorola to Nest. Nonetheless, Fitbit could assist Google with vaulting into the $3.5 trillion human services space. It’s about the information. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, talks during the organization’s 2017 Cloud Next occasion in San Francisco. Updates on a Google

Intel to break the hardware market with its new NUC 9 Extreme

A Chinese client from the KoolShare forums has looked into and dismantled an engineering sample of Intel’s up and coming NUC 9 Extreme, codenamed Ghost Canyon. Apparently the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) really utilizes Intel’s ‘The Element’ module that was uncovered not long ago. The Intel NUC 9 Extreme estimates 238 x 216 x

Japan bans Huawei and ZTE networking hardware

If 5G equipment bans from the United States, Australia, and New Zealand weren’t enough this year, Huawei will end 2018 on an even worse note: Kyodo News reports that Japan’s government has made a decision to block the Chinese company and its smaller rival ZTE from network hardware procurement. Not inadvertently, Canadian authorities are publicly considering a similar ban after last week’s

Asia Hardware Battle

Clever/smart hardware is a technological concept shadowing the smartphone. It combines the hardware and software to alter the traditional device so that it has intelligent functions. Japan, one of the prominent innovation centres in Asia, is using leading-edge technology to create new industries in retaliation to its social problems and challenges, namely, population aging and labour