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India leading a duty-led import growth regime for electronic components

The Indian manufacturing sector in technically advanced ranges has developed astoundingly in the past few years and India has taken a leading role in the manufacturing and export of smartphones and other components which have given India arising reputation in the world when it comes to the manufacturing capabilities and the necessary technical expertise that

The competition from India

There has been an increasing competition in terms of the Pharma sector from India to Australia because of the rising demand and invest in the biotechnology which gives a potential revenue, and potential investment towards this sector makes India one of the most competitive markets and it is directly competing with Australia because of the

Manmohan Singh acused Narendra Modi of the rapid economic slowdown of India

Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has blamed the rapid economic slowdown of the country for a “climate of fear,” accusing the government of Narendra Modi of building a “toxic” atmosphere that has stifled business activity and development. In a strongly-worded commentary piece in Monday’s The Hindu newspaper, the typically reticent economist argued that the

Amazon-Locked and loaded in India

The US-based Amazon is siphoning in over Rs 4,400 crore (more than USD 600 million) in its different units in India including commercial center and nourishment retail to give them more ammo to go up against most despised opponent Flipkart. Amazon, which is secured a fight against Flipkart, had enrolled total misfortunes of over Rs

India in the list of most unsecured IoT nations

India in the Top-10 unfortunate casualty nations’ rundown with 40 lakh assaults Here’s some terrible news for educated individuals and associations that have passionately started utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, for example, brilliant cameras yet couldn’t care less to shield them from programmers. Programmers are not perspiring for breaking into the frameworks. They

NTT tie another knot with India

Japanese tech firm NTT DATA has declared a tie-up with TiE Pune (The Indus Entrepreneurs) where TiE would help source new businesses in India and an APAC area that could work with NTT DATA. This would expand the organization’s present contributions and help make new ones. Tsuyoshi Kitani, head of innovation and advancement general central