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Driving into the era of industry 4.0

A potato wafer manufacturing company was caught unawares by the fact that its packets had roughly 27% more weight than the prescribed net weight. The realization struck Ahmedabad-based startup EroNkan Technologies when they designed a monitoring system for the company’s weighing machines. Adopting a new technology instantly reflected on the company’s revenues. Past journey: An

Industry 4.0 may create a demand for digital security professionals

To some degree, the unsurprising eventual fate of digital dangers is both captivating and alarming – maybe in equivalent measure. With Industry 4.0 seemingly within easy reach and all the new innovation that is going to accompany it, a pristine situation is probably going to welcome digital security professionals. There’s innovation developing right sense will,

Is artificial intelligence poised to disrupt your industry?

The term “artificial intelligence” (AI)-referring to the utilization of computer systems to perform tasks that commonly need human understanding has been around for nearly sixty years. However, it’s recently that AI seems on the brink of revolutionizing industries as varied as health care, law, journalism, aerospace, and producing, with the potential to deeply affect how