Taiwanese questioned for jeopardizing China’s national security

A Taiwanese citizen who went missing in Hong Kong last month is being questioned by the Chinese authorities for alleged “criminal activities that might jeopardize China’s national security,” a Chinese government representative said. China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) representative Ma Xiaoguang created the comments once asked by reporters on the whereabouts of Lee Meng-chu. Ma failed to elaborate on the accusation raised against Lee. Lee, an advisor to Fangliao administrative district in southern Taiwan’s Pingtung County, had been according missing since late August by his family in Taiwan. His family and friends said they been unable to ascertain contact with him since August. 20 once he was scheduled to depart to Hong Kong for the southern Chinese town of Shenzhen that day. They expressed worry that his disappearance is also coupled to his support for the continued anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong.

Since then, Taiwan’s government has been a job on its Chinese counterparts to produce data regarding the whereabouts of Lee. According to Fangliao administrative district Chief subgenus, Lee was presupposed to meet with him in the state to attend a global meeting on August 27 however never showed up. Chen said that Lee has been actively engaged in numerous social movements for years. The 44-year-old Lee had antecedent expressed his support for the continued pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong on his Facebook page, in line with subgenus Chen.

Chen feared that Lee’s disappearance can be associated with him showing sympathy toward the protesters on social media as Lee had sent him a photograph of Chinese troops aggregation close to the border of Hong Kong and Shenzhen before his disappearance. A similar incident occurred in March 2017 once another Taiwanese activist, Lee Ming-Che, went missing in China. The Chinese authorities waited 2 months before confirming to Taiwan in the might of that year that Lee had been inactive and detained. Lee is currently serving a five-year jail sentence once being guilty of subversion of state power.