Tesla introduces new features in cars to keep pets cool

With the newest over-the-air update, Tesla has rolled out a couple of very convenient features, some we’re amazed took automakers until 2019 to discover and develop.

These features use the many existing sensors and cameras in Tesla cars to offer new safety and convenience options that owners should find quite useful.

The first is Dog Mode: With the help of automatic sensors this features helps to maintain a comfortable temperature for pets inside the vehicle when one has to run errands, such as inside a grocery store, whilst also displaying a message in huge letters to passers-by who might become concerned for pets left in the car.

The message will inform anyone looking inside the car that the owner will return soon and show interior temperature. This feature can be activated through the climate control menu, just by pressing a button labelled “Dog” within the Keep Climate On option.

In 2016, Tesla already offered a Cabin Overheat Protection feature — a more rudimentary version of automatic climate control for when the car is turned off. Dog Mode is the upgradation, offering more user-adjustable settings.

Of course, this system is not a substitute for common sense or local laws, particularly when it comes to leaving children in the car.

Another feature is Sentry Mode: This will activate exterior cameras if it senses people near the vehicle and will display a message on the central screen alerting anyone who might be looking inside the vehicle that the car is using cameras to record them.

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