The developing of the hardware manufacturing market in India

The hardware manufacturing market in India has been playing the upper hand to provide for the developing Industry of smartphone manufacturing and creating India as a hub for exports of technically advanced systems, something that the country wasn’t well in the business of as these are trades happening in goods and not just services which India is the second-largest exporter of. The paradigms of trade have been shifting with India backing out of signing the Regional Cooperation on Economic Practices (RCEP) and even Japan withholding their consent because of India’s hesitation have played right into what the world policies are being governed by now, and that is an increased trade pact based on material goods and not services because that domain belongs to India and the world doesn’t want to see the rise of an economy so close to China in order to release the pressure on the global diaspora of conflicts of interest and any instability in the region would lead to a free fall in the global markets which is another reason of backing out of the Chinese made RCEP.

India needs to develop its prowess as an exporter in goods, and that is one of the essentials if the country needs to grow into a global superpower and have a seat at the highest tables of NSG and UNSC as a permanent member which the country has been trying to lobby for a very long period of time and this growth in the technical manufacturing of hardware components is one of the ways India as an economy can amend its stances taken at World stage to project itself as a technologically sufficient country with the necessary expertise to manufacture and control the essential market of hardware components in the world.