The expertise in telecom needs to bifurcate the gap between levels of playing field

The playing field in the country hasn’t been fair, and square when it comes to the technical domains of telecommunication and the Telecom companies have faced the brunt of it as a lot of them have gone out of business or are about to collapse as a result of a psychological as well as material disruption in the customer base through various tariff regimes and the selected deployment of technology by a few key players in the sector. The PSU’s in the form of BSNL & MTNL have lost out in the race because of unavailability of technology to accommodate themselves in the closing technical space and lack of competence in a bid to divulge some of the growing customer base on the back of the highest demographic region getting assigned on the data systems of the Telecom sector.

Small players have already exited the peripheral scope of the Industry, and those with enough corpus are fighting hard for survivability, but the government in its directives and cases against the Telecom companies haven’t been much of a help provider barring to the one who got established in the reigns of the newly elected political front of the country. The accommodation stance has been missing from the government since the inception of new-age technology which got into the hands of big players at that time and those who exploited their customer bases for far more money than were the operational costs or the expense of the system due to which there was a lot of discontent in the customer base who were aware of the global standards of telecommunication and their services faring in a far better regulatory environment than what India as a country was ready to offer.

The times have changed, and the circumstances too have played a vital role in determining who will survive, but it is high time now that the government doesn’t treat this sector as their only cash cow and starts accommodation approach to sustain the wobbly sector which will essentially be a two-horse race if this tariff war and the oppression from the courts continue in their established ways.