The first uniforms of the Space Force entered the Pentagon and the printed camouflage was made fun of

New uniforms are available for the newly created the United States Space Force. The unit’s official Twitter account shows an image of the new U.S. space force and space command patch and said the uniforms “touched down” at the Pentagon. President Donald Trump’s administration has been in the works of the US Space Force since March 2018. It was found out later that it was formed by the President of the National De 2020 Space Command, alongside the U.S. space command.

Space Command is designed to monitor space operations through the use of Space Force personnel and assets. Past astronauts and the former military chief have opposed Trump’s program, but it also has its support, including CEO Elon Musk of SpaceX.

“Space Force” trended on Twitter following the launch of new uniforms by the Ministry of Defense with lots of tweets playing camouflage. Some users have asked why a black print was not picked because space troops potentially are fighting in the area.

Others have however pointed out that space troops are not planned to be deplored immediately so that the uniforms are still worn on earth, and camouflage does not have to serve a true purpose of camouflage, it has become a traditional printing press for US military members.

The Space Force is not meant to space combat forces and is separate from NASA. Trump described space as the “newest warfare area of the world,” but no spatial aggression threatens the space assets of the United States as of today. In the next 18 months, Air Force officials will determine the exact distribution of responsibilities between the Space Force and the Space Command.

Business Insider’s request for clarification was not replied immediately by the United States Space Force.