The government increased security forces following the terror attack in Kulgam area in Kashmir

Security has been elevated in Kashmir following the terror attack in Kulgam area that left five workers from West Bengal dead, even as a total shutdown disturbed typical life over the valley on Wednesday, authorities said. 

The dread assault came when an assignment of parliamentarians from the European Union is in Kashmir to converse with local people and get some information about their experience after the repeal of Jammu and Kashmir’s extraordinary status under Article 370 of the Constitution. 

Five vagrant workers in Kulgam locale of south Kashmir were shot dead by fear-based oppressors on Tuesday night. Another worker was harmed and has been moved to an emergency clinic here. 

Conflicts additionally broke out at a few places in Kashmir on Tuesday, leaving a few people harmed. 

Authority said security workforce alongside a flying squad have been conveyed in a few territories of the city and over the valley, particularly in South Kashmir. 

The authorities said irregular checking of vehicles and searching for individuals was being done as a feature of the security drill. 

Security faculty were aware of frustrate any endeavors against national components to target non-local people or to crash harmony in the valley. 

Typical life stayed influenced over the Kashmir valley for the 87th day on Wednesday following the revocation of Article 370. 

The authorities said markets stayed shut on Wednesday, while open vehicles stayed off the streets. 

Roadside merchants, who had routinely set up their slows down in the course of recent months, additionally didn’t turn up for the second back to back day on Wednesday, they said. 

The yearly board assessments for class 10 and class 12 are being held according to plan.