The growth engine seems to be mulling amidst trade war

The Chinese growth story is one for the ages and has been the prolific breather for the world economies to look at the models built there and how the veil of the communist economy has reigned the capitalist tendencies of the world into a fellow comrade. The story though magnificent, isn’t complete till now and will never be provincially complete for as long as they call themselves a developing nation and not a developed nation with a GDP of about 15 trillion dollars and on PPP at about 30 trillion dollars surpassing the US at 20 trillion dollars.

The technical expertise of the Taiwanese and the blatant disregard for the intellectual property rights have given the Chinese a bad rapport in the world stage, but these same principles have been their systemic suppliers of purer forms of technology for they have been taught to reverse engineer anything and everything and now after a lot of failures and the system and the ecosystems around it improving perfected the art of reverse engineering from an Airbus A380 to the F-22 styled J-20 fighter aircraft which is one of the few places in the world to live in the adobe of stealth to give itself a superiority in performing its operation.

The growth story of the manufacturing units in the smartphone segment hasn’t been a pretty picture off late for the Chinese as the trade war has led many companies out of China to find new avenues to invest and develop and also that all eggs in one basket weren’t the best practice a business could follow when engaging with countries like China and the US.