The Shocking Fall of Evo Morales

The unexpected resignation of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is just as surprising as his success towards power was. He successfully broke the trend of Bolivia being ruled by the long chain of white Europeans and he promised to bring an end to racial inequality. He achieved his goals in many aspects. However, unfortunately, he was forced to resign soon after his allies and the military forces stabbed him.

This regime was very prominent due to many factors, the most important one was the fact that he was breaking the racial discrimination the office has experienced for decades. He was elected in 2006 by majority large native population that were not allowed to cast a vote until the early 1950s. President’s thirty six native groups were the representatives of more than half of approximately 8.4 million locals.

His memorable words right after his victory were about altering the history of the country by getting rid of theft, inequality, and hate.

His presidency saw some great achievements, about fifty thousand people escaped extreme poverty and students and adults, especially mothers, profited from the introduced subventions. The World Bank mentions that the poverty level of Bolivia’s people had fallen around 20 percent in 2014 because of his reforms.

The question arises about what caused his sudden downfall. It is not a single event but multiple little mistakes that eventually doomed him. His supporters felt deceived when not enough was done for the protection of the environment and the country still was dependent upon the industries like mining. His decision to pass a highway in the middle of reserved Amazon brought about protests from around the country. His efforts but clearly not enough to eradicate the corruption and his step to remove the courts’ restrictions so he could continue his 4th year enraged many people. His downfall has caused social unrest and huge protests against the right-wing leaders.