The trust deficit in the policy reform structure

There has been a massive outcry by the business community after the targeting of Rahul Bajaj by the leaders and the followers of the BJP-led government towards the policy structure and the inefficient dialog process that the government is portraying to be its bedrock towards developing and sustaining a more efficient environment towards the working culture and that of business administration. This incident has brought open some wounds in public that the business community has been facing since the right-wing have assumed the majority stake in the parliament and have headed the government formation back in 2014. This was a followup on a note which was read by Rahul Bajaj in front of the Home minister Shri Amit Shah who was invited in a business leadership conclave, and that conclave had awarded Rahul Bajaj with a corporate leader lifetime achievement award for pioneering the industry through the thick and the thins of economic times.

The business community in India and the environment surrounding it have been a bone of contention between the government and the opposition with the blatant use of force through government agencies rampant and visible towards targeting certain businesses or practices and that of the mind-set joining towards the mainstream politics of the country to establish the support of the government in order to achieve their aspirations and targets from the futile entities of the economic slowdown that has crippled the economy, and young and old entrepreneurs alike have been trying to grapple with it for some incentives or projections that would lead their businesses through these times.

The environment for business is exorbitant, but the policy outlook and the role of mainstream politics make it conducive for the industry to let its market forces take the reign and carry-on ahead in the advanced times.