The United Arab Emirates an integral part of India’s tale of progress

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, carried out his third tour of the United Arab Emirates. This weekend marked him the first Indian leader to have gotten the Order of Zayed, the highest civil honor conferred by the government of UAE, as an acknowledgment of the 2 nation’s friendship and co-operation.

PM Narendra Modi has performed a vital part in building co-operation between the 2 nations. India and the United Arab Emirates have had a broad partnership history based on trade. Both the nations rely and reap the advantages of this trade.

Modi stated that India’s relations with the United Arab Emirates have risen from a mere “buyer-seller” relationship to that of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in the previous 4 years.

State visits are a vital sign of alliance, they remind us what economic opportunities can be achieved if 2 countries join forces.

I, personally, am filled with warmth seeing the sturdy example of partnership India and the UAE display.

Modi stated, “The Crown Prince and I regard each other as brothers. We have developed enormous goodwill and mutual respect. I believe that the excellent rapport between the two of us is an important driving force in realising the true potential of our relationship.”

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company publicized the signing of a contract in this year’s March, whereby the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited and the Indian Oil Corporation Limited, gained the rights to explore for oil and gas in Onshore Zone No. 1. The partnership is worth $170 million.

Today, India is the UAE’s 2nd biggest trade partner and the United Arab Emirates has become India’s 3rd biggest trading partner. Their combined non-oil trade was recorded at $35.9 billion in the previous year.