ThingWorx Platform of PTC – Leader in Industrial IoT Software Platforms, says an Independent Research Firm

A new software assessment for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) release by Forrester Research entitled “The Forrester WaveTM-Industrial IoT Sofware Platform, Q4 2019” (PTC) (NASDAQ: PTC) announced today that it has been appointed as the leader of a new assessment of software in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Forrester Research.

In the study of Forrester Wave, 14 platform providers are evaluated within the IIoT space in the following categories: (1) current product range, including aspects such as networking, implementation and security; (2) stronger vendor policies, such as a partner ecosystem and a commercial model; and (3).

The study acknowledges PTC’s wide range of capabilities, and notes that ThingWorx is “a strong choice for businesses with a diverse range of equipment with a vendor / agnostic approach, industrial hardware and many years of industrial domain experience.”

Research in Forrester recognizes that the PTC’s strategic alliance with Rockwell Automation makes it possible for PTC to create joint IT / OT technologies and to expand the market impact of PTC to include new industries and regions.

ThingWorx is the cornerstone of PTC’s IIoT portfolio, reflecting its creative dedication.ThingWorx consists of a fast application development framework with system communication, machine learning, enhanced reality, and cloud integration.

These capabilities are combined to provide a complete IoT technology stack, enabling clients to securely connect assets, create apps and experiences quickly and innovative ways to capture value.

Joe Biron, GM, ThingWorx, and CTO of IoT at the PTC said, “We are pleased to be appointed a leader in Forrester’s IIoT software platform evaluation. “The combination of IoT and increased reality helps us to achieve competitive differentiation and PTC positions as a leading supplier for the digital conversion of manufacturers.”