Top Fitness Gadgets for a Healthy start to 2020

Apple Watch Series 5

It has been the wearable to beat since the first Apple Watch arrived. Fitness and health have been central since day one, with the familiar design of three concentrated rings that you are encouraged to complete every day. These are to reach your chosen goal of burning calories, standing every hour for one minute, and exercising briskly for 30 minutes a day.

For four different metal cases to choose from, this newest model looked and felt great: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic–aluminum is the most affordable. The computer is bright and colorful, with an always-on monitor only on Series 5.

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit, recently acquired by Google, is known for its excellent tracking accuracy. The operating software is simple and easy to use. Apps include sophisticated sleep monitoring that helps you understand how you sleep with a nightly sleep ranking and can wake you up in your sleep cycle at the optimal moment. The life of the battery is sufficient to last up to five days. The new Versa has built in Alexa: to ask questions, set a timer, or start a workout, press and hold the side button. This is a very useful tool for tracking in particular.

Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings smartwatches are different from the rest of the pack as they have similar faces with, you know, real hands instead of a smart screen.  The Steel HR is convenient and has a monochrome OLED circle for heart rate monitoring and other measurements. And to test VO2 Max, it has an additional sensor, which helps you work out exactly how much oxygen you use during exercise. This is not popular on smartwatches and adds to the wearer’s fitness level evaluation by the watch. It is particularly useful for dedicated athletes.

Your count of steps is shown as a secondary dial spinning round to show how close you are to your target, shown as a percentage so others don’t know if your target is 10,000 steps or less.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

The new Samsung has a lot to do with it, including cardiac tracking and alerts if it detects excessively high or low heart rate. Several previous watches in the Galaxy had a rotating bezel that was a nice way to interact with it. This has something that may be even better: the bezel is not moving, but it recognizes the touch digitally and responds accordingly, for example, to switch between menus. You can take a picture of what you wear with your camera and the watch can create a matching colored face. Apps include automated workout scheduling and sleep tracking.