UAE encourages researchers and world experts to help improve rainfall

The close or immediate cause for rainfall deficiency can be due to one or more factors, including lack of available atmospheric moisture; large-scale subsidence (downstream air movement within the environment), which suppresses convective activity.

The UAE has an annual AED 18 million grant to the UAE Rain Improvement Science (UAEREP), for projects that contribute to the development of new precipitation techniques. Now scientists from all over the world have been invited by the country to boost their cloud seeding. Speakers highlighted how the country has undertaken multiple measures, for instance, to improve precipitation to solve global water security challenges during the 4th International Rain Improvement Forum (IREF), which began Sunday in Dhabi in Abu Dhabi.

“Water scarcity is one of the most important global problems,” says Dr. Deon Terblanche, World Bank climate expert. Improving precipitation is a key solution for safeguarding future water resources. The award is an invitation for brave new methods and field studies.

At a roundtable meeting, he shared his thoughts and said advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are crucial to solving climate change.

Sunday’s roundtables discussed topics including improving the overall rain and panorama, artificial intelligence and intelligent meteorology and rain improvements, and rain improvement innovations: methodology and new perspectives.

The 4th IREF, which lasted until 21 January, brought experts, researchers, scientists, and stakeholders from across the globe to discuss solutions to emerging challenges in the areas of water and sustainability. During the case, UAEREP Manager Alya Al-Mazroui met the experts and announced “multiple potentials for the advancement of innovations and innovative solutions in the face of global water pressures” through the partnership between UAEREP and its global partners. In its collaborative efforts to develop the science of rain change, while protecting natural resources and creating a more prosperous world for future generations, UAEREP’s key activities include cooperation, teamwork and capacity building.