UAE ranks 1st or 2nd in most competitiveness indexes

In 2018, the UAE involved the first and second positions universally in 47 aggressiveness files covering around 13 improvement segments, mirroring its endeavors to accomplish far reaching advancement and the UAE 2021 Vision.

The UAE’s achievements were recorded by a few driving universal associations.

In the work part, the UAE involved the principal position in the “Simplicity of Employment and Work Productivity Index” in 2018, as per the International Talents Competitiveness Report by the INSEAD Business School, just as the second position in the “Progression of High Skilled Workers and Intellect Attraction Index.”

In the region of training, the UAE involved the principal position universally in the classification of “Level of Foreign Higher Education Student Enrolment,” just as the “Rate of Completing the Elementary Stage in Schools” and “Nearness of International Students,” as per the International Innovation Index of the INSEAD Business School in 2018 and the Legatum Prosperity Index, separately.

The UAE involved the principal position all-inclusive in the economy division, in the “Absence of Inflation” and “Absence of Threats to Changes of Location of Services of the Future of the Economy” records, as indicated by the World Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum while the Annual Competitiveness Report 2018 of the International Institute for Management Development positioned the UAE in the second position in the class of “Advancing Entrepreneurship.”

The International Innovation Index positioned the UAE in similar positions in the “Foundation of Economic Conglomerates Index” and the “Traditions Services Sector Index.”

In the media transmission and data innovation segments, the UAE was positioned first in the classification of “Broadband Subscriptions” in the Global Competitiveness Report, a second in the “Advanced Transformation of Companies,” as indicated by the 2018 Global Competitiveness Yearbook.

As far as the earth, the UAE was positioned the first internationally in 2018 in the classification of “Level of Satisfaction at the Efforts to Protect the Environment,” as indicated by the Legatum Prosperity Report while in the zone of fund, the nation was positioned second in the class of “Obligation Dynamics,” as per the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum, and a similar position in the “Absence of Tax Impact on Investment Incentives” class, as per the Global Tourism and Travel Competitiveness Report.