USDA aims to boost the use of biofuels

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently announced to promote the use of biofuels using a new directive in order to acquire alternative fueled vehicles (AFV) while also replacing conventionally fueled vehicles.

The USDA is known to operate one of the largest civilian fleets in the federal government. The latest development can use E85 or biodiesel will allegedly improve performance and efficiencies.

The project to acquire E85 or biodiesel efficient vehicles will align with USDA mission requirements, instead of those which require conventional gasoline. This will allegedly take place over time during the normal fleet renewal process.

Sources allege the USDA at present has 37,000 vehicles and replaces approximately 3,000 every year. The recent development allegedly has the capability to boost USDA’s annual consumption of E15 by up to 9 million gallons, E85 by 10 million gallons, in addition to biodiesel and renewable diesel blends by up to 3 million gallons.

Reports further suggest part of U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s October agreement is to look for opportunities in order to support the availability of higher biofuels across the country, with regards the USDA will contribute $100 million in grants for the newly created Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP).

Experts further also suggest that the transportation fueling and biodiesel distribution facilities will help in acquiring grants in order to help retrofit, upgrade fuel storage, dispenser pumps and other equipment and infrastructural facilities to be able to sell biodiesel and ethanol.

Further sources reveal the USDA plans to publish application deadlines, in addition to other program details in the Federal Register.