Walk-in interviews in many leading manufacturers

Tata Motors last week came forward to assure that the headcount loss of the company won’t come into effect as the jobs were not being sacked due to a very basic reason that the consumption in the market will only rose if the people in the market have the money to spend and buy the basic utilities and the necessities of life. This statement in itself brought in a huge morale boost to the population working in the automobile sector as the slowing growth, and the shrinking revenue had brought in a cloud of thoughts that pointed towards heavy job cuts in the market to sustain the levels of profitability and not let the slowdown affects the bottom line of the company which is the responsibility of the company towards its shareholders and the investor segment which have invested their money in the company to see it grow and get better returns for their investment. The companies have adopted different strategies to sustain the slowdown and mitigate the adverse effects of high inventory costs and high input costs which have arisen due to an inflation in the commodities market such as that of steel and other raw material needed for sustained manufacturing to continue, some companies have rendered their R&D division into Oblivion as the game has gotten tougher on the back of Policy change by the government which has brought in a duo-polity stance by cutting emissions of diesel vehicles by bringing in BS-VI while also subsidizing the sales of electric vehicles which are rather cost-intensive for the fragile Indian market in a move towards growing momentum towards greener practices in the most polluting arena. Some other companies have increased their capacities of R&D and retasked them with fast-tracking the electric mobility scope of the company and, in the process, started hiring a lot of candidates through walk-in interviews to boost the market indulgence in the upcoming technology and developing the solution of the crises at hand.