Wipro develops the nation’s first metal 3D printer

Wipro 3D has developed the first metal 3D printer in the country, and it is a landmark achievement as the technical advancement employs indigenously developed technology to obtain the results that many global firms have already delivered upon. The milestone has come at a very important time for the country as the manufacturing units have been facing a lot of crises from the drop in the economic productivity as well as the shrinking industrial output which has put a lot of burden on the sector and the ecosystem surrounding the manufacturing of small metal parts are very expensive, to say the least, this development will help solve the cost crises associated with the technical feat we need to stand on global grounds and reduce the cost of manufacturing to invite a lot of global investment this improving our current account deficit and eventually helping create more jobs through technical advances in the given direction.

The concept of 3D printing isn’t new, and a lot of technology has already been created to cater the needs for the same, but the world hasn’t shifted to plastics as an alternative to metals which are the most important component of manufacturing anything for the account of durability and strength which plastics that are 3D printed lack, now this technology can be employed to not just create prototypes but also be used for the production of components that are used in daily life and those of which are difficult to manufacture through traditional manufacturing processes, though advanced manufacturing processes exist but the implying cost for the same are very high and makes it undesirable for usage in Mass production for the costs are effectively the same with hardly any relevant downside movement with the increase in the number of units produced.